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Outdoor team building programmes – the wakeup “ropes” experience

What is a ropes programme?
Those who have experienced a ropes programme will invariably describe “ropes” as one of the most powerful teambuilding events they have ever experienced.

So what inspires such a reaction?
Split into ‘High Ropes’ and ‘Low Ropes’, teams are faced with team building challenges either in the air or on the ground. Some of you may look at the High Ropes photos to the right and think “there is no way my team could do that”. Well don’t panic just yet, we cater for all shapes, sizes, ages, physical fitness & dexterities to ensure that everyone on the team has a really positive experience and a lot of fun. We’ve even have had grandmothers in their sixties leading the way!

Typical outcomes
Enhanced team spirit, stronger individual relationships, more effective communication, building trust, real fun and enjoyment, sharing a positive experience, a strong team bond and lots of laughs.

The wakeup ropes experience.
Our programmes, from one to two days, are individually tailored to maximise the team’s development. This might focus on a ropes programme exclusively, which may for some teams focus more on the low ropes aspect, or combine ropes with indoor facilitated work. Working at a number of venues across the country, we are very confident that this experience will take your team to a new level of performance.
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