high performance teams

Typical things we do with teams

We work with all kinds of teams: self contained teams, virtual teams, two teams together, and leadership teams (also see under leadership). This could be for very good teams who want to be outstanding, new teams who want to get off to a strong start, teams who are ready for their next phase, or teams who are struggling in one or two areas.

Approach. In most instances, teams will get their biggest leaps in performance by getting their attitudes, behaviours and relationships in the right place. We help teams create a very powerful way of working, which involves openness & honesty, personal responsibility, commitment and collaboration as the backbone. This then usually releases a significant raising of the bar when it comes to strategies, goals and accountabilities, where we also introduce some innovative tools.

Application. We take a strong view that the team development angle only has lasting value if it is twinned with a down-to-earth way of applying it to your situation now. Because of this, we ensure that teams get totally aligned on their most important business issues or opportunities which will contribute to a big shift in business results.

We provide various interventions, often for two or three days, which will be fully custom-designed to meet a team's needs.

Outdoor team building programmes