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James Simmons
James Simmons
VP Customer Development, Unilever UK & Ireland
Unilever UK

Remit. 1-1 Leadership Coaching and developing a High Performance team ethic across Sales.
"Wakeup have done an outstanding job for us over the last several years, playing a vital part in our success. Through their work they've inspired individuals and teams to improve their performance dramatically. Superb. Their approach is well judged, striking a fine balance between theory and its practical application, with a style that's accessible but challenging."
Gemma Peters
Gemma Peters
Director of Fundraising & Supporter Development Director, Kings College London
Kings College London

Remit. High Performance team development; Leadership and Team development for the Leadership team
"Our work with Wakeup has been fantastic. The immediate benefits of a more closely bonded unit are obvious but much more valuable has been the lasting changes to the way we operate. Everyone is focused on constantly improving the way we work - pushing ourselves and each other to be the very best we can. The impact on our results has been significant, we are raising more money than ever before and having more fun doing it!"
Jo Edmunds
Jo Edmunds
Managing Director, Thomas Cook Signature, 2004-2006.
Thomas Cook Signature

Remit. Engaging the top 50 people in a new direction and culture for the business: clarity of vision; buy-in; securing alignment; and building irreversible momentum.
Wakeup worked with our wider management team of 50 people at a time when a significant step change in the way we led our business was required. They helped us develop a confident winning mindset, renew our sense of pride and create a remarkable unity of purpose. It was one of several contributing factors to Thomas Cook Signature winning top industry awards and substantially improving financial performance. They had a real ability to take the team with them, even the cynics. They were business focused, read the group well, were genuinely challenging yet were positive and encouraging throughout. I wouldn�t hesitate to recommend them.
Dame Ruth Silver
Dame Ruth Silver
Principal & Chief Executive, Lewisham College
Lewisham College

Remit. Over 5 years various assignments: 1/ Customer Care Programme across all Staff; 2/ Board Development process; 3/ Leadership and Team development across all senior teams.
"Wakeup worked with us in ways, and with techniques, we had only dreamed of. Their highly skilled and creative activities resulted in Lewisham College managers not only being alert, but also having a collective appetite for change."
Fergus Balfour
Fergus Balfour
Managing Director, Unilever ICF UK
Unilever ICF UK

Remit. 1-1 Leadership Coaching; Helping to articulate and launch a new direction & culture for the business both within the leadership team and in the creation of an intense all day event for 100 people in the business, which forced innovative thinking.
"Wakeup helped me show my leadership team the essential change in innovation we needed to make, and helped me find a way of getting this owned by the leadership team. So I did and the business grew 5% in a period where the market declined 4%. Wakeup are trusted by the Board and senior managers in this company."
Richard Price
Richard Price
Chief Economist, Defra

Remit. A culture change programme for 200 people. This entailed 1-1 Leadership Coaching for the top team, developing them as a team, and running a series of workshops across staff with strong follow up strategies to embed the change.
"Wakeup worked with us on a culture change programme to raise the impact of my group of 200 people. This included helping people to see how the desired step-change translated into their personal behaviours and career opportunities; developing the leadership team as champions and role models for change; and motivating people with a compelling vision of how change could make policy outcomes better. Wakeup did a first-class job in supporting us through this process: from strategic advice, practical details and tactics, right through to running a programme of powerful change workshops."
Anne Murphy
Anne Murphy
Managing Director, Birds Eye UK
Birds Eye UK

Remit. Leadership and Team Development process for the UK Board.
"We worked with Wakeup on a project to optimise the effectiveness of the Birds Eye UK board through individual leadership development and team work. I was highly impressed with the approach taken. The process was tailored to our specific needs and did not feel in any way off the shelf. I particularly valued their ability to create an environment where there could be a very candid sharing of feedback addressing issues head-on, leading ultimately into clear action planning. Our work with Wakeup was a key support to the performance turnaround that has been delivered by Birds Eye UK."
Pia Hovland
Pia Hovland
HR Director, Electrolux Europe

Remit. Design and facilitation of an international HR conference, to communicate new direction and secure maximum engagement.
"I initially engaged Wakeup to facilitate an international HR conference with some 50 participants and various speakers and events for a 3 days. As it turned out, they were not only excellent facilitators managing the presentations and the audience in an engaging way, they also contributed greatly when we were working on how to communicate the strategic direction and the messages to be delivered. They gave really valuable feedback and pushed me and the team to improve our communication at this event...and the ones to follow. It has been a pleasure to work with them and they have really helped me to sharpen my message and my communication. They are dedicated to going beyond what is expected from the assignment."
Ben Blackett-Ord
Ben Blackett-Ord
Chief Executive, Bovill Ltd
Bovill Ltd

Remit. Team development process for the whole team.
"We have worked with Wakeup on a number of occasions and their dynamic, hands on and yet sensitive style have helped us achieve really meaningful outputs from our team development process. I would not hesitate to recommend them."
Jimmy Williams
Jimmy Williams
Managing Director, European Reality Services
European Reality

Remit. 1-1 Leadership Coaching for the MD, combined with a leadership and team process for the Board.
"My company worked with Wakeup when we were going through a difficult rapid expansion process in our SME business. They gave us confidence, advice, warmth, compassion, drive, focus, self belief, practical knowledge and all the tools we needed to find our way through the maze of challenges that faced us in building a successful business with a successful Management team. By the end of our work together, they literally felt like a member of our team. That was a powerful experience in itself, but it also made the learning aspect of working with Wakeup easier to take on board for everyone. I believe it's that unique approach which has enabled some of the experience to really bed itself into the psyche of our Management Team today and several years along it is still bearing fruit."
Gary Crouch
Gary Crouch
HR Director, Unilever UK
Unilever UK

Remit. 1/ Leadership and team development with the board; 2/ Creating a culture of collaboration and teamwork across the company.
"Wakeup have that great gift, borne of experience, of judging when to push, challenge and probe and when to facilitate and support and nurture an idea. They helped drive a pivotal mindset change in a key part of my business. They understand business and they understand what makes people and organisations tick. This sets them apart."
Neale Coleman
Neale Coleman
Director of London Olympics 2012 at the GLA.

Remit. High Performance team development.
"As well as the challenges you'd expect from preparing London for the 2012 Olympic Games, our team has faced almost constant growth and change over the last few years. When we first worked with Wakeup, it was immediately clear that they have a rare talent for identifying and addressing the trickiest of issues while maintaining a constructive and energetic atmosphere. When we needed help again a year later, we had no hesitation in returning to them."
Cynthia Griffin
Cynthia Griffin
Group Director of Culture & Community, London Borough of Havering

Remit. 1-1 Leadership Coaching; Leadership and Team Development both for the Board and the senior team for Culture & Community.
"Jeremy is an inspirational coach and equally comfortable working on an individual basis or with teams of people. He adds considerable value to whatever he does."
Stephen Tidswell
Stephen Tidswell
Head of Applications Support, Virgin Media
Virgin Media

Remit. Culture Change initiative for a large IT group to become more customer and relationship-focused in their approach.
"Wakeup worked quickly to build trust and credibility with a group of 150+ people, many of whom had been stuck in old habits for a long time, and who were wary of change. They were organised, inspirational, had excellent ideas, listened and tuned in carefully to our needs. They also facilitated the wider management team firmly but sensitively to lead for this change, with long-term impactful results. That this sparked a variety of long-term relationships not only with me but other colleagues years later is testament to the significant value Wakeup continue to bring."
Janis O' Marville
Janis O' Marville
HR Director, Central Bank of Barbados
Central Bank of Barbados

Remit. 1-1 Leadership Coaching and Team Development work to help HR create impact within the Bank and influence a transformational shift in the Bank's culture.
"Working with Wakeup has been extremely valuable. In a relatively short time they have helped me move from an idea to a clearly written and articulated vision that captured my team's imagination and galvanized them into action and into embracing a totally new strategic direction. As a coach, Jeremy is demanding, supportive and extremely effective."
Brian Murray
Group HR Director, Birds Eye Iglo Group
Birds Eye Iglo Group

Remit. 1-1 Leadership Coaching and High Performance Team development for various boards and senior/strategic teams across Europe.
"Wakeup have supported both teams and individuals across Birds Eye Iglo Group at times of organisational change or strategy change to ensure we both embed and drive forward our culture of High Performance Teams. The pragmatism combined with the patience to understand the clients needs and propose creative solutions makes them a reliable, trusted and value adding partner to work with."
Kit Lewis
Non-Executive Director, The Magstim Co
The Magstim Co Ltd

Remit. Board Alignment on vision, strategy, behaviours & relationships.
"We asked Jeremy to help us achieve consensus around the future direction and strategy of the company, reconciling the diverse aims and personalities of the shareholders.  He achieved exactly what he promised, and the process was of huge and lasting benefit to the company."
Ben Pearman
Liberté at General Mills Canada

Remit. 1-1 Coaching, Team Development, Stakeholder Relationships.
"I’ve worked with Wakeup for many years and in very different companies and team contexts. As well as the usual tools, process and expertise that you would expect them to offer, they bring and demand unrivalled authenticity from the people they work with, either 1:1 or in broader team settings. This, coupled with penetrating and often searing insights into people and teams, makes them a power partner in people and team development."
Ewan McDowall
Inflammation Commercial Director Pfizer UK
Pfizer UK         Remit. High Performance Leadership and Team development across Sales
"I have worked with Wakeup on numerous occasions, both as a delegate (where they gave me the most insightful feedback of my career) and more recently with my leadership teams. What makes them different is authenticity with no jargon and true insight to people. They read people quickly and have instant positive impact. I can think of examples where they have had career changing conversations with members of my team and also myself. Their techniques are simple, thought provoking and have a lasting impact. Indeed behaviours learned and explained by simple terms now pervade my organisation. Wakeup is a fixture when I think of how to improve my team’s performance."

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